The Screw-Drawn Wedge (or: Content AT LAST!)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working up a project that’s been on the ‘to do’ list for well over a year now: prototyping an M2 mitre . The plane itself- shown above – is a new size designed around a 1-1/4″ blade, placing it dead-center between the two sizes I’ve offered to date. […]

Road to Ruin

I’m happy to announce that as of November 13, DAED Toolworks is now based in beautiful Greenfield, Indiana – just fifteen minutes and a million miles away from the hustle of downtown Indianapolis. It wasn’t the easiest move in recorded history – we’ve been working on this transition for two solid years now – but […]

Worked me some wood

As I mentioned in a previous post, the toolworks has been shut down for a couple of weeks now. This is a nice break, as it allows me to catch up on a LOT of things that have been pushed aside for the last year or so. One of those, for instance, is updating this […]

Turn On the News (z.e.n. arcana)


Daddy – your plane looks pretty, but if you want to make it really good you need to paint a unicorn on it. I can help if you don’t know how. — zoe eden nelson (age 5) Two weeks ago, I finished the last plane I’ll make in Daed Toolworks Lab v1.0; I’ve shut down […]

All you need to know about Woodworking in America

I can summarize the carnival smorgasbord of woodworking fury known as Woodworking in America with four words: Raney Lost his Voice. Those of you who know him will understand. Because of his condition, he asked me to post this entry. In a rather hysterical bit of mimery, he’s also asked I convey that he’s sorry […]

It’s the little stuff…


Last week I wrapped up the revised panel plane prototype just in time to bring it with me to the Northeast Woodworking Association’s 20th Annual Fine Woodworking Show in Saratoga Springs. The show itself, by the way, was a real treat — great presenters (including Peter Follansbee and Chris Schwarz) and a wealth of great […]

Got game?


The latest issue of Popular Woodworking has been arriving in mailboxes for the past week or so, and mine arrived on saturday. This issue is one of the strongest in recent memory, but the most enjoyable part of it for me was my friend Jameel Abraham’s first published article, which details a comprehensive and remarkably […]

Evolution #9

History is a nightmare from which I’m trying to awake… But at least it’s better than geometry! – Lil’ Stevie Daedalus I’ve been doing a lot of work on design lately, and a lot of thinking about the design process as well. So I’d like to get back to the planemaking part of this blog […]