So here we are, dear reader, at that point of the year when all good neurotics re-evaluate everything about their life, mode of being, relationships, vices, and position in the world. Personally, I’ve only got one area of my life that gets any degree of reflection beyond “I think I’ll have a sammich” and that’s my shop life.

And in this process, I’ve decided to sell a few of my personal planes that, frankly, I just don’t use anymore. I’m not very interested in much more than getting these out of my shop and (hopefully) into one where they’ll see some use, and rather than think much about it I’m just selling these at half the regular price.

Just to be clear – all these are excellent workers, and all have seen significant use in my shop and at demos and shows. Specifics on each tool are addressed below.

Also – before anyone asks: this is it. There is not a stash of ‘other’ planes I’m selling, or a ‘seconds’ bin – please don’t ask.

First person to email me to say they want one of these gets it. You can see larger images by clicking any of the photos below.

edit: SOLD
a 1″ mitre plane. Ebony infill. This is the only mitre I’ve made to include a lever cap – which is either a ‘plus’ or a ‘minus’ depending on how you feel about lever caps and the aesthetics. Personally, I prefer a wedge – but for sheer function, this is a really nice feature. It’s also one of only a handful of planes I’ve made out of stainless steel (304).

I used this plane pretty extensively for several years, but between the new DT-1 and the slightly larger 1-1/4″ mitre I made earlier this year, this plane has become superfluous. $800.

edit: SOLD
PLANE B: another 1″ mitre – this one a wedged version with Brazilian Rosewood.

This was one of the first planes I made in this style, and there are a couple of subtle aesthetic differences between it and the newer mitre planes.

First is that it’s about 1/2″ longer than I now make these.

Second is that it uses slightly smaller bolts for securing infills.

Subtle details, but they are noticeable to me. As mentioned above, I really don’t find myself using this size plane these days, so it’s gotta go.

edit: SOLD

PLANE C: This one is the development prototype plane for the DT-1 – infill is Macassar Ebony.

There are some slight design differences, and one functional apology to note.

The most significant aesthetic difference is that this plane has a closed rear, whereas the final designed is open at the back (under the blade).

Functionally, this plane has a very open mouth. My tolerance for mouth openings is about 4-8 thousandths of an inch – this plane has an opening that’s more along the lines of 30 thou.

For all intents and purposes, the mouth opening is too large to function as a tearout-reduction strategy.

For most purposes, and in the vast majority of woods, this is a non-issue – but it will affect performance in the toughest woods.


Again – email me if interested. And there you have it dear reader. Happy New Year!

PS – I’m also longing to get rid of my massive, idle, and space-hogging Brown and Sharpe no. 10 OD/ Tool & Cutter grinder. If anyone is interested – and can come GET IT – just drop me a line.