Because I was (by far) the slowest and most infrequent blogger in the house, there’s already been better coverage of the 2013 FORP than I could ever offer:

Jam-master “J” Alibaba’s video and commentary over at the Benchcrafted blog
AP Style Maven Chris “The Tip” Schwarz’s day-by-day coverage at Lost Art Press
Jeff Miller hit on some brilliant photo essays
Justin Leib also had running commentary at Halfblind Woodworker
And finally, Don Williams’ summary at Don’s Barn

Georgia in summer is, indeed, hot and humid. Still, other than my kids it was easily the best cause I ever donated bodily fluids to.

Here’s a few shots of my spindly little bench. I suspect it may be showing up in photos here for a good long time, but I wanted to get a few shots of it while it was still clean. It’s getting no finish, I’m getting ready to rough the top up with a quick traverse planing, and I’ve every intention of beating it senseless for the rest of my days.

Dig, most thoroughly, the killer hardware Peter Ross and Lake Erie toolworks made for the event.