I got peace turned up so loud. Handworks 2013.

Punk at its heart is a blood-n-spit forged radical commitment to integrity. It’s a full-force head-butt to a mass-produced culture that degrades our humanity and a caste system sewn in niceties, innuendoes, and euphemism. It’s not nice and it’s certainly not subtle. But true? Aye – it’s that. Always that. — Stew Napalm, aka Stuart […]

One of these things is not like the others


One of them’s sold, one’s mine, and one is the ‘door prize’ at Handworks. Which one’s earning me bupkis? Here’s some clues specifically geared to anyone educated in the US public schools. There will be (multiple choice) test.   Come by the booth and see me if you’re going to Amana. I will NOT be […]