OK, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat:   I have been neither the victim of kidnapping by Somali pirates, nor have I been in cryogenic suspension.  Other things I have not been doing during the past six months include:

-striking intriguing poses
-playing ’16.4 billion bottles of beer on the wall’
-alphabetizing my collection of disco-era smiley face memorabilia
-sleeping peacefully
-hand copying “Remembrance of Things Past”
-developing a reality TV show called (tentatively) “I Ate WHAT?”
-switching to decaf
-suffering from empty nest syndrome
-playing ‘six degrees of Lindsay Lohan’
-under-employing the CAPS LOCK key  in the comments section of major news media
-updating this blog

At this point, perhaps you are wondering what, then, I HAVE been doing with my time.  Well, here are a few things:

-putting off dealing with BLOGGER’s decision to terminate FTP  support
-becoming overly familiar with DJ Lance Rock (e.g.  slow intellectual suicide-by-toddler)
-finally finishing the nagging to-do list of upgrades and repairs to our home

-plotting our relocation to sunny Wisconsin (brrrrr……)
-occasionally blackmailing canadian planemakers with photos from their mullet-sporting days
-kicking myself for not having followed through on my idea for bridal diapers
-spending as much time as possible getting to know my young children before they’re old enough to realize I’m a hopeless embarrassment, and that I’m ruining their lives.

So there it is – for better or worse, these are my excuses for not having lavished more attention on this blog.

Now – back to the topic at hand (tool).  In the eye of the hurricane that is my home, I have also been  in the lab (with a pen and a pad) working on some planes.  I’ll try to sneak some details of a couple of new designs, and perhaps a prototype or three as well, into the blog in the coming weeks, but by way of a ‘teaser’ I offer these humble images of  recently-completed and nearly-done planes from the workbench here. busy busy busy…