Towell miter – sole assembly


OK – now the plane shell is starting to move along.  It’s time to prep the sole assembly and cut the tongue and groove for the mouth. This part of the plane construction is only applicable for bevel-up planes, and doesn’t generally apply for bevel-down planes — which are the vast majority of infill planes. […]

Some new additions to the works…


As one might gather from my blog, I am somewhat fond of good tools as well as quality woodworking.  It is worth noting that the two do not necessarily go hand in hand – one can certainly appreciate the work or the tools without much caring for the other – but a keen affinity for […]

Towell Miter – front plate and bridge


This entry will cover the remaining steps that need to be accomplished prior to bending the sidewalls.  The front plate needs to be fabricated, and the dovetails cut for joining it to the sidewalls, and the bridge needs to be completed to the point of fitting the tenons to the sidewalls.  After that, its simply […]