Getting wedged


I finished forming the wedge for the bronze miter plane tonight. I want to sit on the design for a day or so, as I’m still not sure about the proportions – the strike bulb at the top feels a bit large, but it helps make it easy to remove the wedge. And because the […]

Shaping wood


After all the metalwork on the shell of a plane, it’s always a real treat to get to the point of shaping the wood for the infill. After all, love of woodworking is how I found myself doing this to begin with… Here’s a sampling of the tools I use to shape the stuffing for […]

The moment of truth…


Welcome to the Daedworks blog. It seems somehow fitting to launch this new blog with a new plane. Today was grinding and lapping day on the first of two new miter planes I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. Grinding off the excess metal from peining the shell together, and then lapping the […]