Worked me some wood

As I mentioned in a previous post, the toolworks has been shut down for a couple of weeks now. This is a nice break, as it allows me to catch up on a LOT of things that have been pushed aside for the last year or so. One of those, for instance, is updating this […]

Ranma III


OK – so here’s the final installment of the diamond asa no ha pattern exercise. The asa no ha, or hemp leaf, is a traditional japanese pattern that appears in many, if not all, of the culture’s traditional arts. In shoji work, the pattern can be fit to most of the kumiko structures.  For the […]

Kumiko – I just can’t quit you!


Before I get back to the planes I’m trying to finish up, I want to go on to a bit more of the Ranma project I’ve been working on this week in between coats of french polish.  The traditional square network of kumiko in shoji are relatively straightforward, with lap joints at each intersection.  The […]

Tooling for Shoji


I’m waiting for the finish to be ready on a couple of planes I’m working on, so I’ve been planning out a shoji exercise I’ve wanted to do for some time.  I’m going to do a Ranma (transom) piece with a diamond or hexagonal structure and asa no ha (hemp leaf) details.  You can see […]