Gimme Danger Chicago

If you’re around Chicago and not fearful of a little design and woodworking conversation, demonstration, and rip-your-face-off skill, then I highly recommend you get up on those tortured heels and get yourself to Jeff Miller’s emporium of woodworking esoterica this weekend. This is probably my favorite annual Lie-Nielsen handtool event, and that says a lot. […]

Big Black


  Among other things, this week I finished up the largest miter I’ve made to date . It’s designated Daed Toolworks M5 (but you can call it Big Black) and to be honest, I don’t really see myself making a lot of planes this size. At 9-3/4″ long, with a 2″ blade and nearly 7 lbs […]

Surface Envy


  I dig black.  My wife (bless her) mocks me because other than blue jeans I really don’t wear anything but black and shades of grey. I blame it on overexposure to the 80s (united friggin colors of Benneton, anyone?). A few months back, I posted on the spectacular hammer made for me by Seth Gould. […]

Jack Royale


The beginning of most years, I take a week or two to do some shop reorganization and try to get some of the projects on my ‘want to do’ list crossed off.  This year, as a break from labeling my hardware jars (really small screws, really really small screws, shoot me please) I took a break […]

farewell, my black balloon…

Screenshot 2014-10-02 10.08.33

Well, now I went and did it. I got me some new website. About five years ago, when I started my blog and website, I opted for a color scheme of burgundy and (later) black. You can find the color swatch set filed under ‘Trent Reznor’s aura” on Kuler. I liked the site at the […]

In Praise of The Original Seed


Inspiration comes where you find it – after you hunt it down, corner it, and pound it into submission. Waiting on inspiration is as savvy as waiting for a cab in Dubuque. – Little Stevie D. Just like Groundhog Day, friends, your humble narrator pokes his head out to see if his shadow is feeling […]

Not dead yet

So there has been some interesting flak around my recent obituary posted by Chris Schwarz. I’ve received several phone calls and emails, and been truly and genuinely surprised that there actually do seem to be some people who might be saddened by news of my death. My only regret is about the people who took […]

Suspect Device

Machines ain’t the problem. Lazy people are the problem. First you design for yourself, and use the machine to make the design. Then you start working out how to make the most of the machine, and eventually you’re not designing for people anymore – you’re designing for the machine. But really, the machine’s designing for […]

Your Southern Can Is Mine


  Because I was (by far) the slowest and most infrequent blogger in the house, there’s already been better coverage of the 2013 FORP than I could ever offer: Jam-master “J” Alibaba’s video and commentary over at the Benchcrafted blog AP Style Maven Chris “The Tip” Schwarz’s day-by-day coverage at Lost Art Press Jeff Miller […]