In Praise of The Original Seed


Inspiration comes where you find it – after you hunt it down, corner it, and pound it into submission. Waiting on inspiration is as savvy as waiting for a cab in Dubuque. – Little Stevie D. Just like Groundhog Day, friends, your humble narrator pokes his head out to see if his shadow is feeling […]

Not dead yet

So there has been some interesting flak around my recent obituary posted by Chris Schwarz. I’ve received several phone calls and emails, and been truly and genuinely surprised that there actually do seem to be some people who might be saddened by news of my death. My only regret is about the people who took […]

Suspect Device

Machines ain’t the problem. Lazy people are the problem. First you design for yourself, and use the machine to make the design. Then you start working out how to make the most of the machine, and eventually you’re not designing for people anymore – you’re designing for the machine. But really, the machine’s designing for […]

Your Southern Can Is Mine


  Because I was (by far) the slowest and most infrequent blogger in the house, there’s already been better coverage of the 2013 FORP than I could ever offer: Jam-master “J” Alibaba’s video and commentary over at the Benchcrafted blog AP Style Maven Chris “The Tip” Schwarz’s day-by-day coverage at Lost Art Press Jeff Miller […]

Lost in the Supermarket


I was in the local Orange Behemoth not long ago, and saw some woodworking magazine with the phrase ‘CNC magic’ on the cover. The picture was a geometric bowlish object – one of those things that looks like it was made with the 3D equivalent of a spirograph. I made an involuntary noise. ‘Bless you’ […]

I got peace turned up so loud. Handworks 2013.

Punk at its heart is a blood-n-spit forged radical commitment to integrity. It’s a full-force head-butt to a mass-produced culture that degrades our humanity and a caste system sewn in niceties, innuendoes, and euphemism. It’s not nice and it’s certainly not subtle. But true? Aye – it’s that. Always that. — Stew Napalm, aka Stuart […]

One of these things is not like the others

One of them’s sold, one’s mine, and one is the ‘door prize’ at Handworks. Which one’s earning me bupkis? Here’s some clues specifically geared to anyone educated in the US public schools. There will be (multiple choice) test. Come by the booth and see me if you’re going to Amana. I will NOT be the […]

EOY Simplifying My Life A Bit Sale

So here we are, dear reader, at that point of the year when all good neurotics re-evaluate everything about their life, mode of being, relationships, vices, and position in the world. Personally, I’ve only got one area of my life that gets any degree of reflection beyond “I think I’ll have a sammich” and that’s […]

Daed Toolworks Index Plane

Brace yourselves, gentle readers. Two blog postings in one month – I know, right? First things first – For those needing further proof that the map is indeed not the territory, today it was discovered that tearing off the last page of the Mayan calendar didn’t actually cause the cessation of the human species. Good […]

Modern Edge Tools

A couple of weeks ago, the hipster geniuses at Tools for Working Wood sent out a new publication called ‘Modern Edge Tools’. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can download it from their site. Personally, I think it’s worth every second you can spare. I defy anyone to read “Saw Veneer in your Spare […]