Handworks 2015: Anarchy in the IA


So you’ve got your travel arrangements made, and you want to know what to expect of Handworks 2015: Return of the Jarvil. Well – personally, I suggest you prepare to get your metaphorical lunch money stolen. In front of that hot new chick from Arizona. While pantsless. Drink plenty of water, breathe deep, get a […]

Gimme Danger Chicago

If you’re around Chicago and not fearful of a little design and woodworking conversation, demonstration, and rip-your-face-off skill, then I highly recommend you get up on those tortured heels and get yourself to Jeff Miller’s emporium of woodworking esoterica this weekend. This is probably my favorite annual Lie-Nielsen handtool event, and that says a lot. […]

Big Black


  Among other things, this week I finished up the largest miter I’ve made to date . It’s designated Daed Toolworks M5 (but you can call it Big Black) and to be honest, I don’t really see myself making a lot of planes this size. At 9-3/4″ long, with a 2″ blade and nearly 7 lbs […]

Surface Envy


  I dig black.  My wife (bless her) mocks me because other than blue jeans I really don’t wear anything but black and shades of grey. I blame it on overexposure to the 80s (united friggin colors of Benneton, anyone?). A few months back, I posted on the spectacular hammer made for me by Seth Gould. […]

Jack Royale


The beginning of most years, I take a week or two to do some shop reorganization and try to get some of the projects on my ‘want to do’ list crossed off.  This year, as a break from labeling my hardware jars (really small screws, really really small screws, shoot me please) I took a break […]