All Hand(work)s on the Bad One

So by now, I suppose it’s possible you may have heard about Handworks 2013.

If you have an internet connection, you’ll want to check out

If you don’t have an internet connection, you’re not reading this. And in that case, I should like to say that I never liked you much.

Handworks is, simply, going to kick every anatomical component that’s kickable on a PG-13 rated blog. No fees, no fluff, nothing but a metric fulcrumload of handtool makers and crafstmen getting together in a huge barn as far from law enforcement as possible for the purpose of doing what they do.

Handworks 2013. Seriously – you should be there. Even if it means a divorce, you should be there. In fact, just don’t call in to work, steal your brother-in-law’s mobile home, and bring your neighbor’s alpacas with you. Cause after this weekend, when the mothership beams you back home freshly probed and cryogenically suspended, the high point of your life will already have happened anyway.


  1. Wayne jepson says

    Hi Raney, I really hope I can make it. It would be great to meet you and see some of those incredible planes in person.


  2. Jeremy says

    This looks to be awesome, awesome, awesome (A bit of a drive though.)

    So If I understand the concept, it’s completely a marketplace, with crazy good door prizes. My question thus far is, is it going to be a 2 day affair for a participant (how many days do I need to plan for?) Do I only get the door prize if I am there both days That would suck beyond words to be there all day Friday and then be drawn for a mitre plane first thing on Saturday?

  3. says

    Hi Jeremy –

    Sorry for the delayed response – hectic around Daedland ss always.

    Yes – you’re in the right ballpark with the ‘picture’ of the event. It’s a large, open indoor space and there will be ‘booths’ of sorts spread throughout. The only reason I hesitate to call it a marketplace is that I wouldn’t want people to get the idea that the only reason to attend is to buy stuff. If that’s your cup of tea, of course you can – but even if you’ve no intention of buying anything I think there’s going to be an awful lot to learn in that hall, and a lot of fun to be had as well.

    As to your question about the prizes – there’s some background talk about how to ensure that no one misses out on something just because they left early. I’m not sure there is a foolproof answer, but the policy is that if someone doesn’t claim their prize, it’s up to the individual maker/company how to deal with it. I can tell you with 100% assurance that in the situation you describe, I’d simply ship the plane to the winner. I suspect most other companies would as well- though of course I can’t speak for them.

    I can tell you, though, that everyone in attendance at this was ‘brought in’ for a reason, and I can’t imagine anyone on that list standing on technicalities to prevent someone getting a prize.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Jeremy says

    Thanks for the clarification, looks to be a great time. I know I certainly have respect for all the makers I’ve seen from that list.

  5. Tim Henriksen says

    That may very well be the best internet blog post ever! Divorce, alpacas, mobile homes, probing, cryogenics … God, I already feel accepted!!


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